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Bizzy Bee Apiaries

welcome to bizzy bee apiaries i started bee keeping
in 2011 with only one hive & now growing strong
with over 15 hives i am an independent beekeeper ,
The hives are located around different parts of
Lincolnshire, producing unique flavours of raw

The honey bees have a wide selection of flowers to
choose from and in some seasons they also use the
rape seed crops, bean crops and other various
plants and trees. They are also transported to the
North Yorkshire Moors for the Heather flower
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Home of our honey bees    07531118309

We cannot specificaly say what type the honey is as they travel from different plants and flowers to collect there nectar.

Our honey is supplied to local shops and you will also find it on fairs and markets, our honey is raw untreated honey not like honeys which are in the big stores. we are also currently looking into sales of nucs of bees which will get someone started in the art of bee keeping.

Welcome to Bizzy Bee Apiaries
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