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Interesting facts about bees

How many legs, wings and eyes do bees have?

Six legs: The rear pair are specially adapted with stiff hairs to store pollen when bees are flying from flower to flower and the front pair have slots for cleaning their antenna.

Four wings: The front and rear wings hook together to form one big pair of wings and unhook for easy folding when not flying.

Five eyes: Yes, honey bees have five eyes, two large compound eyes and three smaller ocelli eyes in the centre of their head.

Do bees have knees?

A popular expression is 'it's the bees knees' meaning it is ideal, or the best. However, although bees have legs with joints, like any insect their joints have nothing like a knee cap, therefore bees do not have knees as such.

How many types of bee are in a honey bee colony?

Three types: a single queen, thousands of female workers and, in the summer, hundreds of male drones. The drone bee does no work and in the early autumn they are evicted by the workers and die.

Do bees sleep?

No, but during the night most bees remain motionless, reserving their energies for the next day.

Why does a honey bee sting?

A bee only stings under two conditions: to protect the colony or when frightened.

Why does a honey bee die when it stings?

When a bee stings, barbs in the lance of the sting cause it to firmly lodge in the victim's skin, pulling out the venom sacs and glands from the bee's abdomen. The venom sac muscles continue to pump after these organs have been torn from the dying bee. Only the female workers and the queen can sting; the queen has a smooth sting which she uses to kill other queens.